trailer tracking device for companies. trailer tracking for loss prevention, stolen cargo and asset management
Trailer and Asset Tracking
Protect Your Cargo And Equipment, 24/7

What is Trailer and Asset Tracking?

Teletrac’s trailer and asset tracking unit was specifically designed to locate, manage and recover company equipment. Position tracking and reporting for company assets is managed within Fleet Director’s web-based client interface.

The robust, self-powered unit incorporates built-in GPS and cellular data modules with no need for external antennae—ensuring optimal anti-theft security.

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Track your trailer, track your cargo:

  • Get in-motion visibility of trailer and asset positioning. Fleet Director updates location information every 15 minutes. 
  • Set up geo-fence alerts and notifications to automate status reporting. Fleet Director notifies users when a trailer unit has arrived at a customer site.
  • Set up stationary vehicle exception conditions or status timers. Fleet Director alerts users when assets are idle for an extended period.

Monitor trailer location, even when un-hooked:

  • Powerful charge power. When the product is hooked to a tractor unit, its internal battery starts charging—meaning the next time the tractor is un-hooked, it continues reporting its position without the need for external power.
  • Daily GPS information. When un-hooked, Fleet Director reports the asset’s location every 24 hours. If the asset is moved from its original location, Fleet Director provides location updates every 15 minutes.
  • Email and SMS alerts. Users can easily track asset movements outside of normal operating hours and locations through email and SMS alerts.

Trailer and Asset Tracking Displayed in Fleet Director:

  • Users can view their trailers and assets locations via Map and Data Views.
  • Have the ability to monitor your trailers and assets whether they are in in-motion or stationary.

Manage Your Trailer and Asset Use and Location Data 

Within Fleet Director, users can access reports that help utilize company data to optimize workflow:

  • The Detailed Report is the primary report designated for the Trailer and Asset Tracking product. The Detailed Report records the entire history of the asset, including the event, time of the event, location of the event, and mph. 
  • The Duration Report can be configured to show the duration of the travel (time between In Motion status and Stopped status) or configured to the show the duration of the stop (time between Stopped status and In Motion status). 

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