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What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS fleet tracking is the use of Global Positioning System technology to accurately identify, locate and manage multiple commercial vehicles and assets on a map in real-time. Location, movement, vehicle and mileage data generated from GPS fleet tracking software is utilized for companies to assure their fleet vehicle’s efficiency, safety and compliance. Companies with commercial vehicles implement GPS fleet tracking for better job management, reducing fuel consumption by reducing idle time and optimizing driver routes. Commercial vehicles in service industries stand to provide superior customer service with a GPS vehicle tracking solution by improving customer service and efficiency through the communication and vehicle activity behavior a commercial vehicle tracking platform offers.

Why GPS Fleet Tracking?

Knowledge is power, and nothing is as useful for fleets and managers than knowing where their vehicles are at all times. GPS tracking, however, is much more than location management. Integrated fleet technology solutions have the ability to utilize data to reduce company costs and promote safety, compliance and productivity. Fleet owners can immediately reduce operational costs and increase productivity with a GPS fleet tracking solution while leveraging location data and optimal routing to provide better customer service.

Key Benefits Of GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Knowledge of where your vehicles are at all times
  • Efficient routing for faster delivery and response time
  • Optimized customer service
  • Better fuel economy
  • Lower vehicle maintenance
  • Loss prevention of vehicles and assets

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How A Private Delivery Fleet Benefits From Real-Time GPS Tracking Data:

Teletrac Fleet Management Software, Fleet Director, is one of the most advanced solutions on the market. Fleet Director delivers complete visibility over your entire fleet, eliminating costly out-of-route miles, reducing fuel consumption, automating compliance and improving your bottom line. These combined capabilities resolve many fleet-wide problems, such as excessive fuel costs, error-prone manual reporting and safety compliance issues.

“With Fleet Director's GPS fleet tracking, dispatchers view vehicle status at all times. The result is increased efficiencies and improved customer service. Teletrac also greatly reduces costly paperwork, violations, and minimizes audit citations. The EOBR integrated with GPS and other features help ensure FMCSA and DOT compliance."  -Alamo Transit/ Alamo Cement


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