Manage fleet safety with Teletrac safety analytics software feature. Fleet automation with gps mapping software options. Build driver watchlists to monitor fleet safety and fleet management.
Fleet Director® Features
Automation and GPS Fleet Tracking
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An Overview of Fleet Director® Software Features

Teletrac’s most advanced and interactive software yet is equipped with GPS fleet tracking, safety and reporting capabilities. With innovative features that include geo-fencing, live traffic reports, safety analytics and business intelligence, Fleet Director is the premier software for fleet automation.

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GPS mapping shows vehicle location and monitors total travel time.

GPS Mapping. Find the quickest route to your fleet vehicle’s destination, any time of the day. Routing and mapping capabilities provide location detection based on Teletrac’s computed algorithm of drive time, distance and current traffic conditions. Read More

Manage fleets with gps location management software.

Multi-Mapping. Gain access to more intuitive and usable maps that help monitor fleets with Fleet Director’s software platform. Teletrac provides multiple mapping options in a variety of formats that help gain insight into any fleet’s routes. Read More

Fleet managers can create landmarks for vehicle location management.

Landmarks. Save time on routine destinations. Landmarks let dispatchers and drivers stay oriented using personal points of reference. Read More

geo fencing allows fleet owners to monitor their fleet routing.

Geo-Fencing. Gain control of your fleet with customized borders. Geo-fencing technology provides vehicle location data relative to specified geographic landmarks. Read More

Fleet management software provides real-time traffic updates and monitoring.

Live Traffic. Stay connected to traffic, constantly. Dispatchers stay alert to potential traffic delays with live traffic data, rearranging route priorities and vehicles consistently. Read More

Fleet management software allows for fleet reporting creation.

Fleet Reporting. Myriad report options can be chosen from a variety of metrics in minutes, such as the ability to view fleet idle time, fuel consumption, travel distance, routing detail, service mileage and many others. Read More

Build custom driver reports and manage your fleet safety by recording driver violations and improve compliance.

Exception Reporting. Users have the capability to view specific location parameters that have been violated by each vehicle during a designated time set by the dispatcher. Read More

hours of service solution for drivers

Hours of Service (HOS). Trusted by tens of thousands of Teletrac customers, our HOS software provides up to eight days of driving data via Teletrac Drive-supported driver tablets. Read More

Fleet managers receive mobile alerts making them aware of vehicle location and driver violations.

Mobile Alerts. Self-service alerts allows users to easily create alerts via the Web and deliver exception alerts directly to mobile devices or desktops. Read More

Manage your safe and dangerous drivers with fleet monitoring.

Driver Watchlist. Dangerous drivers can be organized into watchlist groups where they can be easily managed and monitored. Read More

Receive advanced vehicle diagnostics with fleet management software.

Vehicle Diagnostics. Fleet Director’s advanced on-board vehicle diagnostics lets fleet managers integrate engine diagnostics information with GPS data and other vehicle performance metrics in real-time. Read More

Fleet card for monitoring fuel usage.

Fleet Card Reporting. Teletrac's FleetCard data seamlessly integrates within the Fleet Director platform allowing users to accurately pinpoint the location and time of each FleetCard transaction. Read More

Manage fleet safety by analyzing driver behavior with safety analytics software.

Safety Analytics. Users can easily pinpoint safety issues and take corrective actions to minimize risk, excess fuel waste and vehicle depreciation with Teletrac’s safety analytics software. Read More

Monitor and manage big data with the business intelligence platform.

Business Intelligence Platform. Easily personalized, business-relevant data  helps users jump in and start analyzing fleet data that is useful to their needs. Read More

electronic driver vehicle inspection reports

Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR). Teletrac’s automation technology allows paperless submissions of both pre-trip and post-trip inspection reports. With Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, users can easily identify, group and monitor vehicles that require maintenance. Read More


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