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GPS Viewer

Track Your Vehicles From Any Mobile Device And Browser, At Any Time.

Stay Connected To Your Fleet From Any Mobile Device At Any Time...

The GPS Viewer is Teletrac’s introduction to “on-the-fly” fleet management for users who want to stay connected to their vehicles—from any mobile device, at any time. This version of Fleet Director® software empowers managers to track their fleets in real time—via their desktops, smartphones and tablets, using a wide range of Web browsers. In addition to providing users with the same functionality as Teletrac’s iPhone and iPad applications, the GPS Viewer allows access to a variety of fleet activity. The Viewer allows users to see when a vehicle’s engine is on; location tracking via Google Maps, including drag-and-drop, pan and zoom-in capabilities; alerts notification and more—all on a modernized userfriendly interface.

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Advanced Capabilities Include:

A Full Map and Data View

The Map View gives users a comprehensive look into vehicle locations and landmarks, providing quick pan and zoom capabilities to a targeted area. For a full map view, managers can toggle and minimize the Data View, or maximize it to monitor real-time fleet activity, including vehicle location and speed.

Vehicle and Landmark Actions

Managers can use the left-click or touch any single vehicle on the map, enabling them to access a wide range of features, including real-time location, zoom-in capabilities and vehicle status, such as when the ignition is on or in sleep mode.

Real-Time Alerts

The Notification bar enables managers to view a useful log of all incoming alerts, including targeted vehicle statuses and exceptions, as they happened in real-time. “Where am I” Functionality The GPS Viewer provides a “Where Am I” locator that centers a smartphone user’s location, empowering them to view where they are in real-time compared to their vehicles’ locations. Managers can use the pan tool to navigate across the map and easily return to their current geographic point.

Custom Data Columns

The “Columns” option in the Data View allows users to select the data they want to see first. Managers can click on the “Columns” tool to hide or show targeted vehicle data, such as the name of a vehicle, time of an event, status of a vehicle and speed. Google Maps and Zoom Local The GPS Viewer uses Google Maps and zoom-in capabilities, including Street View to provide managers with insight into their fleet’s locations, landmarks and customer sites.

Quick Access to Fleet Director

Users can log in to their Fleet Director account from any mobile device, at any time.

See the GPS Viewer live, Get a Free Demo Now!

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