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What is Fleet Director® Software?

Fleet Director’s award-winning fleet management and GPS fleet tracking software solution provides much more than location management. Teletrac’s integrated fleet automation and GPS platform utilizes tracking data to help reduce company costs and promote safety, compliance and productivity. Smart fleet management depends on a crucial factor: customized and functional data. Teletrac’s integrated GPS fleet tracking software solutions provide comprehensive data that feeds smarter business decisions, smarter management and increased fleet efficiency.

Fleet Director’s highly customizable GPS vehicle tracking and fleet monitoring solution maintains continuous location, directional and speed information.  Our system allows users to constantly monitor their vehicles in a variety of map views and data segmentations. The software’s real-time management center provides continual monitoring over vehicle locations, traffic conditions, route calculations and route arrival times. Users can set landmarks that allow dispatchers to create personalized points of reference, such as offices, terminals and customer sites. User-generated alerts provide instant notifications for a variety of metrics, including exception and message conditions, which are viewable in real-time and by mobile device. 

Vehicle Maintenance— Fleet Vehicle Performance Data in Real-Time

Users can also proactively manage their fleet vehicles through Fleet Director’s integration into OEM systems—allowing direct visibility over major statistics and fault codes.  In addition, fleet performance data is easily viewable, such as idle-time, fuel consumption, travel distance, routing detail and service mileage.

Safety and Compliance—Minimizing Risk to Ensure Fleet Security 

Fleet Director’s comprehensive safety and compliance features help safeguard fleets from avoidable risk. In the event of a catastrophic traffic incident, such as a hard stop or impact, our reporting provides granular insight into the event. Safety analytics software enables users to proactively monitor driver behavior in conjunction with their company’s own safety training and risk management policies. A comprehensive safety score is assigned to fleets based on metrics extracted from the miles that are analyzed for a specific time period. The score helps fleet managers gauge how their drivers are performing at all times.
Fleet Director provides two electronic compliance solution, driver logs and driver vehicle inspection reports. Electronic driver logs meet Hours of Service compliance regulations while eliminating messy manual paperwork, reducing traffic violations and minimizing audit risks. Electronic driver vehicle inspection reports remove the tedious task of filling out manual paperwork, making vehicle inspections more efficient.

Reporting—Business Intelligence Data Provides Key Performance Indicators 

Teletrac’s extensive data reporting platform includes capabilities for analytical processing, mining and querying. Endless report options can be chosen from a variety of metrics in minutes, such as the ability to view fleet idle time, fuel consumption, travel distance, routing detail, service mileage and countless others. Customizable report dashboards provide the ability to analyze eleven different variables to maximize fleet performance. Reports can be delivered online, downloaded for printing or automatically emailed to management any day of the week.


Fleet Director Features

gps fleet mapping software feature in Fleet Director.

Software Features. See a selection of core Fleet Director software features from GPS mapping to safety analytics. Read More

GPS navigation and two-way messaging in Fleet Director in-cab display.

Driver Features. With two-way messaging and turn-by-turn GPS navigation, driving has never been easier. Read More

Fleet management via mobile devices with Fleet Director iPhone application.

Mobile Apps. Stay connected to your fleet on your iPad or iPhone with Fleet Director’s mobile applications. Read More

Premier customer service from Teletrac

Premier Service.  Our Premier Service Advantage offers unlimited product training, telephone support, stolen vehicle assistance, limitless software updates and a lifetime warranty on vehicle location units (VLUs). Read More

Teletrac Reviews from Fleet Director Clients

With Fleet Director, we’re more efficient. We’re handling more business. Drivers and dispatchers have a better work environment. And our customers are pleased with our ability to keep them informed. I would say that’s an excellent payback.—Bob Waller, Founder, A & B Wrecker Service and Towing

With Fleet Director and GPS tracking, dispatchers view vehicle status at all times. The result is increased efficiencies and improved customer service. Teletrac also greatly reduces costly paperwork, violations, and minimizes audit citations. The EOBR integrated with GPS and other features help ensure FMCSA and DOT compliance. Fleet Director is an important tool in our safety program helping to improve driver behavior.
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